Record Video in Gmail with the Clipchamp Gmail Plugin

28 Mar

About the Clipchamp Gmail Plugin

The Clipchamp Gmail Plugin is a great tool to quickly email video files to your friends, family, coworkers, and clients, using your existing Google account. Add the Clipchamp Gmail Plugin to Chrome to get started.

Video Recorder for Gmail

The Clipchamp Video Recorder for Gmail allows you to record webcam videos directly in a Gmail message to send as a part of your email. It works with your existing Gmail account, in conjunction with your Google Drive account.


1. Open your Gmail account and start a new email.

Select the video camera button to record a video and attach it with Clipchamp.



2. After this, start recording your video by clicking start or hitting the space bar.

You may need to enable access to your webcam.



3. Finish your recording

Select either Record Again to start over, or Attach Video to embed it into the body of your email.


4. Send your video 

Your video is now attached and ready to send!


Video Compressor for Gmail

Existing video files that are too big to send via email can be compressed with Clipchamp before sending. This makes the files small enough to send, without impacting their visible quality. After compressing your file, you can automatically upload the files to your existing Google Drive account and then share the link to your file via Gmail. Email recipients can watch your videos instantly from within their email client.


1. Open a new email in Gmail 

Click the Video button to compress and attach a video with Clipchamp



2. Select or drop your file 

Choose a file from your computer or drag and drop one into the box.



3. Compress your video 

Your video will be compressed down to a smaller size for sharing via email.



4. Attach your video 

Your video will be embedded into the body of your email!



Other Cool Features

Clipchamp Password Extension

The Clipchamp extension’s SSO support allows you to sign in to Clipchamp using your existing Chrome log in. The app will recognize you and log you in automatically without needing a separate Clipchamp username and password. You can turn this and other features off in Chrome’s extension settings.

Clipchamp Batch Conversion 

You don’t have to convert your videos one-by-one. Clipchamp can take care of an entire batch of videos while you work on more important things! You can now select multiple video files and queue them to convert one video after the other. The videos are saved to your computer or uploaded to your YouTube or social media, depending on what storage location you chose.


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